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Follow the Vikings - Let’s conquer the world

by Sarah Sander Laugesen

Listen to the intriguing tale of the travels of the Vikings. A radio documentary transports you by ship all the way from a remote spot in Denmark to Byzantium or Miklagaard as the Vikings named it. 

The Vikings travelled across vast distances. What made these farmers and merchants from Scandinavia leave home? How did they navigate? And how did some manage to become mercenaries for the emperor of Byzantium?

You’ll get the answers in Museum Vestsjælland’s Podcast: Follow the Vikings - Let’s conquer the world.


About the Podcast:

Through this media, our vision is to disseminate history in a more vivid and captivating way. It is has proven to capture a broader audience extending beyond the traditional museum visitor. Bon voyage!



Trine Borake, Archaeologist and Ph.D. student. Museum Vestsjælland.

Dr. Jonathan Shepard, Historian with a master in Byzantine studies.

Gareth Williams, British Museum.




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