The Destination Viking Association is a free association of museums, academic institutions, commercial companies and non-profit organisations who, based on pedagogic principles, present the historic and cultural heritage of the Viking Age. The Association covers all counties and continents which the Vikings of Scandinavia ever visited during the Viking Age.

Membership of the Association is open to commercial enterprises and non-profit organisations within the geographic area of the Association conducting activity in accordance with the aims of the Association.

Statement of Purpose

The Destination Viking Association exists to bring together diverse organisations promoting, researching, disseminating and demonstrating the widest Viking heritage, and to develop authentic and quality Viking Tourism experiences for local, regional, European and world-wide audiences.

Code of Conduct for Members

Members have the following responsibilities:

  • To abide by the statutes and standing orders of the organisation
  • To share and promote the statement of purpose
  • To pay subscriptions and other charges as agreed by the organisation in a timely fashion
  • To use the logos, brands and identifications of the organisation and its partners appropriately and in line with guidelines
  • To maintain the highest standards of activity, interpretation and service delivery
  • To refrain from activity which will bring the organisation into disrepute

Membership rates


  • Organisations with turnover under €500k: €100

  • Organisations with turnover between €500k and €999k: €250

  • Organisations with turnover over €1m: €500

Application Form

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Private details

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By submitting this form, you confirm that:
  • the above organisation wishes to apply for membership of the Destination Viking Association
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  • the above organisation agrees to follow the Code of Conduct for members
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  • the information given under Private Details may only be used by the Association for membership purposes and not distributed to non-members