Avaldsnes Viking Festival

Avaldsnes, Norway

Viking history brought to life at Avaldsnes

"The Viking Festival, Avaldsnes has become the biggest Viking Festival at the West Coast of Norway. The Viking Farm will be populated by more than 200 Vikings from all over Europe, living in their tents. Located just a 15-minute walk from the Nordvegen History Centre and St. Olav Church, the Viking Festival unfolds at The Viking Farm.

Wander through the vibrant marketplace where skilled Viking artisans show and sell their wares. Feel the adrenaline as fierce Viking warriors engage in thrilling battles in the theater, captivating the audience. Immerse yourself in the festivities with storytellers and musicians providing a multisensory experience.

For those seeking hands-on engagement, participate in activities like archery, horseback riding, workshops, and more. The Avaldsnes Viking Festival promises a dynamic and immersive journey into the intriguing world of Vikings."

For questions about the festival: modi@karmoy.kommune.no

Read more about The Viking Festival Avaldsnes here: VIKING FESTIVAL AVALDSNES

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Avaldsnes, Norway


Kong Augvalds vg. 103, 4262 Avaldsnes, Norway


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