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Annually, on the last weekend in July, one of the most significant events in Aarhus takes place. Moesgaard Viking Moot is considered to be the biggest and oldest Viking Market in Scandinavia and is held at the Moesgård Strand, gathering Vikings and spectators from all over the world.

It all started in 1977 as a small gathering of Viking craftsmen, organized by the Moesgaard Museum of Archaeology as well as Viking representatives. But gradually, it got more attention, and more people were coming here to have a picnic and learn Viking crafts. Now, more than 1,300 Viking reenactors come together to make history return back to life.

Year after year, the Viking horseback riders, warriors, and merchants spread out their bustling camp across the Moesgaard's fields and beaches to enlarge upon their trades, historical crafts, and activities. Moesgaard Viking Moot is an opportunity to try your best at archery or any other performances like creating items from iron, wood, leather, silver, wool, amber, glass, willow with traditional Viking techniques. But the main attraction of the event is probably the combats. Warriors cross their swords and demonstrate Viking fighting skills.