The Last Viking: The True Story of King Harald Hardrada

A rich and compelling account of the life of King Harald Hardrada of Norway, one of the greatest Viking warriors to have ever lived.

Harald Sigurdarson burst into history as a teenaged youth in a Viking battle from which he escaped with little more than his life and a thirst for vengeance. But from these humble origins, he became one of Norway’s most legendary kings. The Last Viking is a fast-moving story of Harald’s life as he journeyed across the medieval world as far as Constantinople and the Holy Land. In these early years, he fought both for and against Christian, Muslim, and pagan rulers until his eventual return home to claim his love, his crown and his destiny as King Harald of Norway.

But restless still, Harald sought to expand his kingdom into and empire and fought to seize both the Danish and English crowns. Ultimately unsuccessful, he died, sword in hand, in battle against the king of the Anglo-Saxons. His death would mark the end of the Viking age.

Combining Norse sagas, Byzantine accounts, Anglo-Saxon chronicles, and even King Harald’s own verse and prose into a single, compelling story, Don Hollway brings to life the true tale of this Viking hero.

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"September 1066: Harald defeats the English army at Fulford, near York, and meets the Anglo-Saxon king at Stamford Bridge."

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About the Author: Don Hollway

Don Hollway is an author, illustrator, and historian. He is also a classical rapier fencer and historical re-enactor. His writing on aviation, history and re-enacting have appeared in magazines ranging from Aviation History, History Magazine, Military Heritage, Military History, Wild West and World War II to Muzzleloader, Renaissance Magazine and Scientific American. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA and is available for interview.

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