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Enjoy life and stay the night at a Viking farm

At the Viking farm, Årsjögård, you travel more than 1,000 years back in time and meet the Vikings who can tell you about the life on the farm.

There are several buildings such as a smithy, cooking house and the magnificent longhouse, plus runestones, a sacrificial place and a thing place.

The longhouse, consisting of a residence and a hall, is the pride of Årsjögård. In the residence there is room for about 20 adults/25 children to spend the night; the hall has room for another 10-15.

The longhouse has a beautiful roof consisting of around 20,000 shingles. The walls are a plaited work of wicker covered with a mixture of sand, mud and cow dung. It is 4-5 inches thick and keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Visitors are welcome to Årsjögård to experience and learn about all aspects of Viking life: everyday life, festivities, crafts, games, food and much more.