Ranger's Apprentice Day is back in Archeon! On Saturday, May 20, Archeon will be completely devoted to the popular book series Ranger's Apprentice, the Brotherband and other exciting stories by John Flanagan for the tenth time.

During this day you, like Will, Maddie and Halt, can train to become a real hunter. Practice walking invisible, learn archery, sword fighting and fire making. That's why you can heat up your own coffee with honey later. Everyone can participate in the activities. Are you more of a sea rot then a hunter? Then visit the Skandians in their encampment. They give various demonstrations and offer their merchandise. There is a book market in Roman Inn. Be sure to take a look at the spectacular knight tournament and the amazing Ranger's Apprentice show.

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Museumpark Archeon, Netherlands


Archeonlaan 1 2408 ZB Alphen aan den Rijn the Netherlands


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