Mølheyggjar, Sandur, Faroe Islands

The year is 1024
You are sitting at the sand dunes in summertime. The tents are standing close and proud on the field. Carried away by the fights and interesting ancient hand crafts, you tried there, you suddenly notice the alluring scent of the Viking food. The laughter from people sitting by the fire, blends with the music from ancient instruments and singing. You close your eyes to immortalize this moment.

Welcome to Festívalhöll
Vikings will join us from far and wide, and show how we lived here a thousand years ago.
Battles will be fought, stories of old told and ancient songs and melodies will be heard.
You will get the opportunity to engage in the Viking parliament and in different games just like a real Viking!
If you prefer a creative approach, you will be able to see and try ancient crafts.
There will also be delicious taste samples of food made with ingredients which were available in the Viking age.
Last, but not least, there will be a campfire where you can sit with the Vikings and sing, talk and laugh.
We cannot wait for the good times to begin. Come join us in the past.
Entrance free of charge

In connection to the festival, we have two courses. One in Bayeux embroidery and one in wool work.

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Mølheyggjar, Sandur, Faroe Islands


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