The Icelandic Saga and Heritage Association is a platform of over a 100 members around Iceland, who represent museums, cultural centres and historical sites telling a story about Iceland’s heritage from different angles.

From cloister ruins and turf houses through Viking reenactment to fortune telling practices from 10th Century, the Association aims to encourage all visitors to integrate history and cultural aspects in their travel to Iceland and show that the Icelandic heritage, in fact, plays an important role in world heritage and has impacted people's lives around the globe.

The Association is a membership based, non governmental organisation.


To promote responsible travel with focus on history, sagas and culture of Iceland and enable visitors to easily find information about museums, historical sites and activities connected to the sagas and Icelandic history.

By strengthening the physical and online presence of it’s partners, the Association can help draw in a critical mass of visitors, that will enable the partnering organisations to carry out an increasingly larger amount of activities to promote Icelandic Sagas and heritage.

Relationship to Vikings

As a collective effort of partners of the Iceland Saga Trail Association the Viking period with its’ history and heritage is studied and promoted. Through the access to facilities and skills of research institutes, National Museums and passionate individuals the excavated Viking sites are researched and opened to public, the original Icelandic texts are maintained and utilised to widen the knowledge about Viking world heritage. Viking reenactments and theatrical plays reach new audience and feed into the general Viking brand, correcting any misrepresentation of the Viking identity.

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