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Walk and learn about Asselt in the year 885

Noormannenroute – Vikingroute in Asselt

The free walking and learning route lets you find out about Roermond's history. Look, read, hear and do, and let yourself be transported to the year 885 with Abbot Regino van Prüm:

  • For groups, schools and individuals
  • 10 information panels with 2 QR codes (audio of Norman-Viking theatre and schooltasks)
  • Walk in the footsteps of Danish Crown Prince Godfried the Younger and experience the great historical story that took place more than 1,130 years ago
  • Take a wonderful walk along the river Maas and through the Limburg landscape that has not changed for 1,000 years.
  • Visit the old Dionysius church (700-1000) and Asselt's little Museum.

The information along the route is in Dutch/English/German.