Rögnvaldur Guðmundsson.jpg

Rögnvaldur Guðmundsson

Director - Iceland Tourism Research & Consulting

Chariman - Iceland Saga and Heritage Association ISHA

Rögnvaldur / Tourism Research & Consulting Ltd (TRC) has worked on around 170 different tourism research and marketing studies/reports  and has been involved in many development projects in the tourism sector in Iceland and several projects in Europe.  TRC focus on up to date information about tourism in Iceland, both Icelanders and overseas tourists from different markets (Scandinavia, Central Europe, UK, South Europe, N-America and Asia). These studies are of vital importance in our work with strategy and marketing plans for regions and companies in the tourism industry.

TRC has worked for the Icelandic Tourist Board, regional authorities, institutions, Ministry of Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Environment, Iceland Export Council, National parks, Regional Development authorities, private companies and others.