VikingaTider, Sweden

Site Overview

Telling the Vikings' true story in a reconstructed landscape

VikingaTider is an archaeological, open-air museum where the cultural landscape from the Viking Age, complete with farms, meadows, fields, animals, crafts and daily life, has been recreated based on the archaeological finds made in the area.

The aim is to tell the true story of the Vikings and offer activities in living history. Part of the landscape has been reconstructed: ponds have been dug and a bridge down to Lödde River built. Some of the land is kept open by grazing animals, and cultivation of crops has begun.

In the area there are two smaller farms with a longhouse, pit house with forge, and cooking house with a baking oven. The buildings are built according to ancient techniques using contemporary tools and building materials.


During the later part of the Viking era, the change of religion from their Asatru to the Christian faith brought on the building of churches in Scandinavia. Adjacent to the Viking farm lies an old cemetery, excavated by archaeologists in the 1960s. Remains of two wooden churches, so-called Stave churches, were discovered. In the near future, Löddeköpinge's oldest church, built somewhere around year 1020, will be reconstructed on site.


Visitors can take part in the daily work on a Viking farm;

  • Forging
  • Textile-weaving
  • Different types of crafts
  • Archery
  • Cooking
  • Relax playing Viking games

Guided tours by the musuem's skilled guides tell the story of a landscape and society going through great changes during the transition from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages (700-1100). This, of course, is a story of kings and wars, but also great changes in the lives of the common people.

Weekend of Warriors

At VikingaTider one of the goals is to spread the knowledge that not all Vikings were blood-thirsty warriors and brigands, rather that most of them were mere farmers and craftsmen. But, once a year, all that is put aside, and the focus turns to war and struggle!

Viking Market

FröjaThing in July is one of the most popular Viking events in southern Sweden. You can enjoy many activities;

  • Market with vendors from near and far
  • Archery
  • Viking games
  • Song and music
  • Jesters and stories
  • Food and drinks
  • Children's workshops

About VikingaTider

The project VikingaTider is run by the association Viking Foundation, a politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation. The association’s board is composed of representatives from business, culture and community.

Visitor Information
Season - Months Open
Every day during May and September
Opening Hours - Days and Times
11 am – 5 pm
70 SEK for adults
50 SEK for children (up to the age of 13)
Other Amenities
  • Group Tours can be arranged (10-60 people)
Key Attractions
  • Market and trade
  • Religion and Belief
  • Sagas
  • Artefacts
  • Reconstructions
  • Excavations
Contact Details

VikingaTider , Ådalsvägen 18, , SE-246 35 Löddeköpinge, , Sweden


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