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Faroese history will be enhanced by a replica Tune

As the last Nordic country without a full-size Viking ship, there was concern that part of Faroese history would be lost, and this led to a project to create a replica longship.

The New Tune

The committee carefully considered which of all the Viking ship discoveries was likely to be suitable for Faroese waters, and they decided on the Tune ship. She was built around 910 and is estimated to have been 18.7m long by 4.2m. She had a strong mast support which, combined with the shape of the hull, suggests that she was a fast sea-going vessel with excellent sailing properties. A boat house is also being constructed.

The replica will be located at Faroe's old Viking capital – Hov on Suðuroy. Other Viking remains in the area include the Asatemple remains, ”Hovið” (later used as a church), the only such remains known in Faroe; and what is believed to be chieftain Hovgrímur’s grave, beside the grave of his horse.

The Original Tune

The original Tune ship was found in Sarpsborg in Norway in 1867, and is exhibited at the Vikingship Museum in Bygdøy, Norway. She was the first Viking ship to be excavated and is still one of the best preserved Viking ships in the world. However, it was excavated in only two weeks and still bears the scars of the spades which dug it out. The excavators also found the remains of a man, three horses and grave goods, but much was lost.

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Í Leivsgarði 9, 960 Hov, Faroe Islands

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