Värmlands Viking Centre

Site Overview

Find out about the end of the Viking era, and how a Viking ship was built

At the Värmland Viking Centre (Värmlands Vikingacenter), you will see exhibits originally from the JORVIK Viking Centre in York, England, that show everyday life in a Viking-Age city.

We also have exhibits from the Skullsplitter exhibition in York. This tells us about the end of the Viking era and the battles of Fulford and Stamford Bridge in 1066.

Smaller exhibits are also on show. Find out about

  • Iron making
  • Viking-Age food
  • Norse mythology
  • The process of building the Viking ship 'Glad of Gillberga' in the years 1995-1998.

Close by is the Viking village, Gladhem, and the harbour for the Viking ship.

Visitor Information
Season - Months Open
Opening Hours - Days and Times
Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm
40 SEK entrance fee to Värmlands Vikingacenter.
Visiting our Viking village is free of charge
Other Amenities
  • Cafe
  • Shop
  • Re-enactment
  • Guided Tours can be booked
  • School Programmes
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Guide Leaflets in multi languages
  • Book “Glad av Gillberga” (1998)
  • Workshops
  • Feasts
  • Rowing Tours Along the River
Key Attractions
  • Village
  • Market and trade
  • Religion and Belief
  • Ships
  • Sagas
  • Viking Trails
  • Viking Voyages
  • Reconstructions
  • Excavations
Contact Details

Föreningen Vikingaleden, Värmlands Vikingacenter, 661 95 Värmlands Nysäter, Sweden


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