Settlement Centre

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Making the sagas accessible to everyone

Offering a wealth of information, the Settlement Centre provides a wonderful insight into Iceland’s history. It gives you the chance to put yourself into the country’s past.

The exhibitions recreate the fascinating drama of the sagas and the birth of this island nation. They also bring to life one of Iceland’s most important cultural treasures, 'Egil's Saga'.

The aim of the centre is to make the ancient sagas accessible to all ages; scholars and non-scholars alike. Rather than a traditional museum, the Settlement Centre is an installation, using multi-media and theatrical techniques to help visitors experience first-hand the excitement of setting off over the open ocean for lands unknown.

The audio-guided storytelling programmes are available in 15 languages. They will give you the fascinating background you need to understand the history of this nation.

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Settlement Center, Brákarbraut 13-15 , 310 Borgarnes , Iceland


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Visitor Information
Season - Months Open
All year round (January - December)
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Open every day of the year from 10am – 9pm
There are no charges.
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