Site Overview

Find out about the life and death of Njál of Bergthórshvoll

The Saga Centre in Hvolsvöllur houses the 'Njál´s Saga' exhibition. 'Njál´s Saga' is one of the most well-known of the sagas of Icelanders which took place in the area. The saga tells of the close friendship between the hero, Gunnar of Hlídarendi, and the sage, Njál of Bergthórshvoll; and it tells of their wives who are sworn enemies. Eventually Njál, his wife and sons, are burned to death in their home.

The exhibition covers ocean travel and navigation, religion, Viking cosmology, and the literary art of the sagas. The Saga Hall is a replica of a Viking longhouse, panelled with timber. The benches are covered with horsehair.

The centre includes a model of Thingvellir set in about 1000, and a new 'Njál’s Saga' tapestry which is still in progress, as well as housing a modern art gallery.