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Discover a time-machine full of fascinating exhibits

The National Museum of Denmark is a must-see for every visitor to the city of Copenhagen. As the most important and largest cultural and historical museum in Denmark, it hosts a broad variety of fascinating exhibitions that include the Viking Age.

Iconic Objects

The museum boasts displaying a wide range of iconic objects. One being the beautiful Mammen axe, which is decorated with elegant birds and plants inlaid with silver. There are silver cups from the Frankish Empire and iron axes from Norway. Denmark’s largest and best hoards, including jewellery, coins and fragments of silver (ring money) are represented. There are also Thor’s hammer pendants and gold objects, including the Tissø ring.

The exhibitions present objects from key sites in Denmark, including from the royal burial at Jelling, the Ladby ship burial, Hedeby and Tissø. Some of the most famous historical finds from ancient times can be found in the National Museum too. It is the home to national treasures like the prehistoric Sun Chariot, the lurs and rune stones.

The museum is a time-machine with destinations as diverse as Vikings, Egyptian mummies and a hash stall from Christiania in modern-day Denmark.

Meet the Vikings

A new exhibition “Meet the Vikings” displays several pieces of the museum’s iconic Viking jewellery worn by lifelike Vikings. These figures represent the dress of as a housewife, warrior, berserker, völva (female shaman) and a peasant.


Take all the time you need to explore the museum with friends and family. A whole day will fly by as you delve into the various exhibitions, with so much to see and learn about.

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