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Site Overview

Experience 11,000 years of history

Visit the Museum of Archaeology at the University of Stavanger to see the treasures the Vikings brought home to Norway. See the fine jewellery the jewellers crafted about 1,500 years ago. Meet warlike Vikings and strong women; see an 8,200-year-old skeleton and feel the brunt of a Viking sword.

You can experience 11,000 years of history in Rogaland through artefacts, photographs, written materials and exciting events such as guided tours and a variety of lectures and activities throughout the year.

Viking Summer

In the summer you can join in with 'Viking Summer' at the museum.

  • Learn to fight with a sword like a true Viking
  • Play in the Viking longhouse
  • Try your hand at spinning with a spindle
  • Be an archaeologist
  • Search for Viking treasures in the museum garden

Time Travel

You can also experience Time Travel in a time machine! (Open during the weekend all year long, and every day during the summer season from mid-June to mid-August.)

Stone Age

Travel back 11,000 years and take part in life like it was during the Stone Age. Learn about prehistoric trapping and which tools they used.

Cafe and Shop

Our friendly café serves delicious cakes and light lunches every day from 11.00am onwards. The Museum Shop makes and sells copies of selected prehistoric objects from Rogaland. It also sells toys, souvenirs and a broad range of books and journals.

Key Attractions
  • Religion and Belief
  • Sagas
  • Viking Trails
  • Viking Voyages
  • Artefacts
  • Excavations
Contact Details

Peder Klows gate 30 A, Stavanger, Norway


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