Site Overview

The park where ten-thousand years of Danish history is brought to life

Sagnlandet Lejre (Land of Legends Lejre) is an atmospheric and exciting tourist attraction for the whole family. Ten-thousand years of Danish history is brought to life in the open-air park with houses and settings from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and 18th century, historic workshops and domestic animals, located in the beautiful historic landscape near Roskilde.

Sagnlandet Lejre is also a pionering institution at international level in the field of experimental archaeology and the sharing of knowledge.

Activities and Learning

The 43-hectare site at Sagnlandet offers visitors the chance to stroll around and picnic in the natural landscape and ancient living environments. You can acquire knowledge about the past from hands-on activities and from the well-informed Vikings, Stone Age fishers and families of the past.

You will meet aurochs, wild boars, goats, sheep and many other animals face to face, and the children can enjoy the Fire Valley, where they can sail in dug-out canoes, grind corn to make flour, make biscuits and more.

Visitors can also talk to the artisans and, in the summer, experimental archaeologists, while they perform their work and experiments.

You will find a living past in Sagnlandet Lejre!

Contact Details

Slangealleen 2 , DK-4320 , Lejre, Denmark

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