Kaupang, Norway

Site Overview

Visit Norway's first town and discover why it was an important trade hub

Kaupang, Norway’s first town, was founded around the year 800 and extended in a 500m-wide belt along the west side of the Kaupang inlet.

There were probably around 500 inhabitants in the town, which was deserted sometime in the 900s. There are several burial mounds from Viking times, at North and South Kaupang.

The town’s location was significant in its role as a hub for trade and production.

At Kaupang today a Viking house has been recreated in the style of how it is thought it would have looked in Viking times. You can also see a model of the town and find out how the town was situated.

Many people have dug and researched Kaupang from the 1800s until now, although most of the city is still not excavated. But the finds tell us of a permanent, vital society that was in contact with much of Northern Europe.

In the exhibition, "What Kaupang Earth Hid", you can get an insight into how the archaeologists worked, what they did and what we know about Kaupang’s history today.

Kaupang is open for visitors during summer.

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Key Attractions
  • Town
  • Artefacts
  • Reconstructions
  • Excavations