Site Overview

Live life like a Viking chieftain

This Viking chieftain’s farm, when fully finished, will be an authentic reconstruction of how a chieftain could have lived during the Viking Age.

The farm is based on a 10th-century find in Tissø, Denmark. It is located in a forest with a view of the Göta River, not far from the location where a Viking-Age ship, Äskekärrsskeppet, was found.

The first building, the chieftain's hall, was completed in 2007 and the next reconstruction project was the large feast hall. More buildings are under construction and it is intended that the farm will have several buildings surrounded by a wooden palisade, with farm animals and cultivation of Viking-Age crops.

The Viking farm is open to the public during the summer and is inhabited by Vikings who will welcome you. You can try out archery, baking bread, making pearl necklaces, wool felting, wood carving, axe throwing and more.