Celebrating the Impact of The Vikings.


The Follow The Vikings Roadshow is a Creative European Project that celebrates the cultural and historic impact of The Vikings.  Craig Morrison, the creative director of the Roadshow, has commissioned several contemporary artists from all over Europe including actors, musicians dancers and  film makers to create a visual celebration of Viking heritage.


Performed live at 12 important Viking locations, each show will be unique - some will be held in exterior locations, while others held in interior venues. All will use modern projection technology in a new and captivating way, producing a pan-European complement to already existing Viking markets and events.


Working with staff from each participating partner, each site will seek professional and amateur artists and performers, as well as members of the public, both young and old, to be involved in their local event.


These events will, therefore, be more than just a performance by a visiting troupe of artists.  They will support the development of new or enhanced career skills for the professional artists and the partners’ staff.  They will support the artists in international co-operation and open opportunities to internationalise their careers.  This will also offer opportunities for members of the local communities to acquire new skills that can be used to further their careers in whatever artistic field they wish to pursue.




Roadshows Coming Soon


2-3rd August, 2018

Catoira, Spain

Details of the Catoira Roadshow will appear here soon


Dates and Venues of Future Roadshows



  • Catoira, Spain:                                                            2nd - 3rd August
  • Gunnesgård, Stockholm:                                      31st August
  • Oslo, Norway:                                                              14th September
  • Trondenes                  :                                                  22nd September - 14.00 +17.00
  • Shetland, UK:                                                               24th November


  • Reykjavik, Iceland                          9th February
  • York, UK                                               2nd March



2018 Roadshows


31st March. 2018

Dublinia, Ireland

Taking place in Dublin, Ireland, during Easter 2018, the roadshow was part of  a wider festival being hosted by Dublinia called Vikingfest which celebrates the cultural and historic impact of the Vikings. 

Living history demonstrations, weapon displays, coin minting workshops, as well as  Viking ships moored and on display in the River Liffey at Wood Quay. The Roadshow took place at the historic amphitheatre at Wood Quay, in the heart of what was Viking Dublin.

2nd April, 2018

Waterford, Ireland

Waterford Treasures was the host for Ireland’s first International Viking Festival taking place in Waterford City, Ireland’s Oldest City. Taking place across across the Easter weekend, the 30th of March to the 2nd of April, the Festival culminated in a spectacularly fierce Viking Roadshow on Easter Monday in the The Apple Market.

2017 Roadshows

14th - 18th August 2017

Warsaw, Poland

Set within a purpose built reconstructed fort in Warsaw, the event took place inside the Long House and was delivered in Polish with a full cast of Polish actors, dome from the Jomsborg fort itself. The Jomsborg Reenactors also featured as warriors, showing accurate methods of combat.

21st - 25th August 2017

Avaldsnes, Norway


Delivered in English and Norwegian, the Avaldsnes event was staged within a large wooden barn at the entrance to the Nordvegen History Centre.

9th - 13th October 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Follow the Viking event in Denmark took place on the 13th of October on Culture Night in Denmark, one of Copenhagen's most well-attended cultural events. When the schools begin their autumn holiday the association Kulturnatten creates a festive evening, where the entire cultural life of the city works together to create joy and inspiration for all of us.


List of Artists

Creative Director:
Craig Morrison. UK

Mieko Shimizu. Japan

 Sound Design:
Peter Morris. UK

Audio for Rise to Valhalla

Specialist Ancient Viking Musicians:
Gun Bjurberg. Sweden
Per Runberg. Sweden
Corwen Broch. UK
Kate Fletcher. UK

 Specialist Traditional Craftsmen
Tablet Weaver: Anna Madejska. Poland

 Visual Artists
Jonathan Atteridge. UK
Hartung and Trenz. Germany
Ant Dickinson. Spain
Cecilia Westerberg. Denmark
BJarni Svanur Friosteinsson. Iceland
J.J. Jamieson. Shetland
Palle Malmros. Sweden
Pilot Theatre. UK

Bjorn Jakobsen. Sweden
Ann Kathrin Granhus. Norway
Liv Zetterling
Ceciliah Karlsson
Vera Stiglund

Damian Dibben. UK
Craig Morrison. UK

Viking Reenactors
Vikingr. UK
Skane. Sweden
Jomsborg. Poland

Please see each location for particulars

Voice Over
Please see each location for particulars