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Hugin & Munin has exclusive stories and articles from around the Viking world, from new discoveries in archaeology to the events of hit TV shows like ‘Vikings’ and ‘The Last Kingdom’.

We have chosen the name of the magazine as a reflection of the two ravens from Viking mythology (Hugin & Munin) who told Odin everything they saw and heard, thereby keeping Odin informed of many events. We hope that this magazine will provide the same information on stories and heritage about what’s going in the Viking World today.

Odin’s feathery friends have been searching from as far afield as the “New World” following the epic voyage of the Draken Harald Hårfagre to the Wicklow Mountains in Celtic Ireland on set with the TV show ‘Vikings’.

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About the Editor


Ben Baillie, Editor of HUGIN & MUNIN 'Follow the Vikings' project / Destination Viking Association magazine.  Also author of several books on the Vikings and Normans and Coordinator of the Destination Viking Association promotional stand.

Contact details: 

Ben Baillie

Editor Hugin & Munin magazine

Tel: 0033+771641023

Email: benbaillie45@hotmail.com

Ben Baillie - Follow the Vikings

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Issue 1 - January 2017

issue 2 - october 2017

Issue 3 - May 2018