A Viking market for all ages
From near and far, people meet in a encounter between the viking age and the present - in a place that itself has an exciting history as an important trading route. A market that offers everything from professional craftsmanship and sales, to good food, fun activities and exciting entertainment.

Crafts & sale
Among the market stalls you will find people that sell exciting gadgets and skilled craftsmen who show off their craft to visitors..

Just like a thousand years ago, the place along Lödde river is filled with life and trade..

Take the opportunity to make an exciting time travel back to ancient Löddeköpinge.

Visit Sigrid's farm
During the viking market, we also invite visitors to Sigrid's farm, where there are lots of try-out activities. From a real viking market to a real viking life - here you meet the contrast between the lively trading place and the usual everyday life.

Contact Details

Löddeköpinge, Sweden


Address, VikingaTider, Ådalsvägen 18, 246 35 Löddeköpinge, Sweden

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