Romaría Vikinga (Catoira Viking Festival)

Torres de Oeste, Catoira, Spain
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This festival represents and important scene in Catoira's history, recreating a Viking attack aboard a replica of a drakkar, a ship built in the Danish city of Frederikssund and twinned with the city of Catoira. The festival was declared of International Tourist interest in 2002.

On the day, local youths dressed as Vikings, and donning furs, axes and horns, make an assault on Catoira kidnapping women and fighting with the locals. The scenes depicted are quite realistic showing the blood shed in battle. The red wine of Umia is spilled everywhere to help simulate the blood of the battle.

At the end of the great battle, the Romaría between Vikings and Galician people begins, giving rise to popular songs and folklore performances, whilst continuing the Viking atmosphere and the sharing of wine! There is also a medieval market offering visitors a wide variety of mussels and octopus and other delicacies.

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Torres de Oeste, Catoira, Spain


Torres de Oeste, s/n, 26612 Catoira (Pontevedra), Spain

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