Foteviken Viking Week and Market

Foteviken Museum, Sweden

Welcome to Foteviken Viking Week and Viking Market 2019!

During the Viking Age, a great summer market was held at Foteviken, the largest in Scandinavia according to the Faroese Saga. The annual modern market attracts many Vikings and this year's activities have been extended to include a Viking Games Open.

Craft Days (24-27 June)

Take part in many exciting activities and watch demonstrations in wrought iron, brick ribbon weaving, dying, Viking cooking and wood carving and more!

Viking Market and Battle of Foteviken (28-30 June)

Foteviken Viking Market traditionally starts with a pre-market on Thursday 27 June, with the full market and lots of additional activities held from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th).

Games Open (29-30 June)

For more information and the full programme:

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Foteviken Museum, Sweden


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