Destination Viking

a concept for travel experience

Destination Viking is a concept for travel experience. Partners from a number of countries in Europe have come together to develop a borderless tourism destination focusing on the Viking world. 

Apart from partners in the Scandinavian ‘home-lands’ of the Vikings in the Nordic countries there are partners from the rest of Europe like the Isle of Man, Orkney and Shetland, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland, and some of the Baltic Sea areas with strong Scandinavian impact during Viking times like Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. The partnership is open to new partners and new countries. 

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Quality is a keyword for Destination Viking – as a visitor you expect quality at every level, and we will deliver it.

Quality means quality of activities, quality of presentations, quality of workmanship, quality of sites, quality of food, quality of souvenirs, in short: quality experience!  

Here you will find information about Viking attractions, museums, markets, festivals and other destinations of high quality.

Destination Viking Association has been appointed by the Council of Europe to manage the Viking Cultural Route. 

The Destination Viking Association is also running a number of projects to develop Viking destination concepts and quality in Europe. 

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