Björn M Buttler Jakobsen

Björn M Buttler Jakobsen


Another important component of my museum life has been all the various EU projects I have participated in, launched and been a lead partner of.

The interest and curiosity of history and archaeology and how to translate this into how things are and work, is still a driving force I now will have more time for. Now, on the 1st of October 2017, I will hand over to a new director of operations while I will continue to participate for a year as senior advisor and work on with projects and development. Thethings I always have wanted to do, and done from the start.


On the home front I participate as chairman of Handelsplats Höllviken (association promoting economic development in Höllviken) and board member in VFFG (entrepreneur organisation for Falsterbonäset in Vellinge municipality).


10 years as vice chairman of the Destination Viking Association, from when the organisation first started. I now serve as chairman. This brings me around Europe though various projects, currently the EU project Follow the Vikings is underway until 2019. Here I meet interesting people and bring home knowledge, like the Vikings once did.

Anther European assignment of note is IMTAL, the International Museum Theatre Alliance, where I serve on the board as treasurer. Though IMTAL we get access to the expertise making it possible to continue developing improvisational theatre to improve our education efforts.


For 24 years I have been director of operations at Foteviken Viking Museum. During these years we have developed Foteviken Museum from an idea to a museum with a whole Viking town where we work with crafts and living history education. Many skilled coworkers have contributed through the years with their knowledge and interest.

A milestone I am proud of is that we have now passed 50 000 annual visitors. After Falsterbo Horseshow we are now the second largest tourist attraction in Vellinge municipality.

LIVE - EAT - DO are keywords for the culture of the future. We - the museum are an important component in the culture tourism at home, both for Greater Copenhagen, Scania, Vellinge municipality and the town of Höllviken. Here we make a contribution, and naturally we will increase this further with my successor Ameli Rosenqvist, the new director of operations, who has marketing as her main focus.


I have many other strings to my bow, such as being chairman of the association SVEG for 30 years. This has been the base for the volunteer coworkers who today make up the villagers and craftsmen at the Foteviken Viking town. Now I will become even more active in this and the historic environments, with research, experimental archaeology, education and crafts.


About 35 years ago I was working for Malmö Museums when the Viking ships at Foteviken were found. This was followed by over 10 years of marine archaeology around the Falsterbo peninsula, along with medieval and Viking age experimental archaeology with me as a driving force. Here I was part of laying the foundation of and developing organisations like NSLF and NOOAM, and in this way put ancient reconstructions and villages on the map for Archaeological Open Air Museums in Sweden and Europe. In Europe through EXARC where I for many years served as vice chairman and chairman.