25th August, 2017

Venue Overview

Delivered in English and Norwegian, the Avaldsnes event was staged within a large wooden barn (at the entrance) close to the Nordvegen History Centre. Avaldsnes is called Norway’s Oldest Royal Seat because King Harald Fairhair made this place his royal residence after he had unified Norway in 870 AD. Harald Fairhair died around AD 930, but Avaldsnes continued to be a royal seat for Harald’s descendants for almost 500 years. Among these kings were Eric Bloodaxe, Haakon the Good, Olav Tryggvason, St. Olav and Haakon Haakonsson.

For the performances, Anne Kathrin Granhus, the production choreographer and lead dancer, enacted the character of the Raven alongside a group of young dancers from the local Culture School, having spent time working within the community.

Outreach sessions were provided by two members of the team from York Archaeological Trust / JORVIK, who delivered hands-on handling sessions for the audience, including many visiting school children, prior to each performance. The outreach sessions were presented to a diverse audience, to visitors from Poland, France, Germany and the UK as well as Norway. The level of engagement from visitors was gratifyingly high, despite occasional difficulties with language barriers.

 The roadshow and outreach sessions attracted an audience of 250 people.

Boat house for a Viking warship. Viking Farm, Avaldsnes Photo Karmøy Kulturopplevelser.jpg

Located on an Island

Held within a large wooden barn at the entrance to the Avaldsnes visitor centre, the performance was delivered in both English and Norwegian.


Nornes of Avaldsnes. 4. Foto Tina Signesdottir Hult.jpg

Engaging the Local Community

Anne Kathrin Granhus,  the production choreographer and lead dancer, also performed as the Raven alongside a group of young dancers from the local Culture School, having spent time working within the community.


The Sound of Battle

Members from Karmøy Viking Club together with some local drummers performed at the event, after first having spent two evenings at a drummer course, which culminated with the group leading the dead warrior to the burial mound in Avaldsnes village; a promenade from inside the barn to the exterior space.



Nordvegen History Centre
Kong Augvalds vg. 103
4262 Avaldsnes, NORWAY


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