Viking Events

Arranging Viking Events around the Faroe Islands

Viking Events offer customised events for small and large groups, including the following:

Sleep like a Viking

An exclusive experience for two people who want a different night experiencing Faroese nature. The experience includes two Viking hosts, dinner at the fireplace, a double Viking bed in a linen tent and breakfast the next morning!


Experience noisy Viking Age battles based on disputes which could have happened in the Faroe Islands in the Viking age. After the battle, see the weapons or challenge your friends in a game!

Viking Summer

Choose your venue for Viking Summer, suitable for both large and small groups to experience a range of tailored hands-on experiences for all ages. Food can also be included.

Viking Games

Large and small groups compete in a range of fun games just like the Vikings did, with prizes for the winners!

Bus Raid

We can arrange a surprise attack from Vikings on your car or bus!

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Jansstovugøta 5, FO-100 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


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