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Where the story of Denmark began

Lejre Museum is located in Gammel Lejre, about 10km west of Roskilde.

According to medieval chronicles and sagas, this is where the story of the kingdom of Denmark began. It was said to be the seat of the ancient kings and a centre of pagan cults. Archaeological excavations have suggested that there is some truth in the sagas, as several halls have been discovered on the west side of the Lejre River valley. One of these has been excavated. It is the largest known from Viking Age Denmark, at 48m long and up to 11.5m wide, and was clearly a royal residence.


The Museum exhibition is devoted to aspects of the adjacent excavated site. It interprets the written evidence as well as the archaeology.

A second attraction is a digital wall, where visitors can actively search for information about the monuments and archaeology in the surrounding landscape.

The third exhibition is of the finds themselves, including the world famous Odin figure and Denmark's largest discovery of silver treasure – Mannerupskatten (approx. 3,000 objects including Roman coins, rings and silver bars as well as hundreds of items of cut silver, from c.400-500) – and the remnants of the Gevninge helmet.

Visitors are loaned iPads to take to the field outside which was the site of the excavated hall. On arrival at the correct spot, the iPad will show the visitor the hall as it might have looked in Viking times from that place.

There is a Viking cemetery in the area as well as an older burial mound, Grydehøj. One of the Viking graves contained a slave, apparently decapitated to accompany his master. The skeleton is in the Moesgård Museum, near Aarhus.

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