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Rosala Viking Centre is a Visitor Centre and Open Air Museum, which presents the Viking age in Finland through exhibitions and reconstructed buildings. The Centre was founded in the 1990s to promote the results from archaeological excavations in the nearby Viking harbour and trading place. It is situated on an island called Rosala in the southernmost archipelago in Finland.

The centre is open daily in the summer and for groups in May and September and even in the winter if needed. About 13.000 people visit the centre each year. The centre has a restaurant for about 100 persons and accommodation facilities for 36 persons in the Chieftains hall. Among the reconstructions there is a merchants house, a Viking chapel, a smithy, a weapon house and a Viking ship.

The centre arranges Viking Markets and Bonfire nights each year. School groups come to experience one or more days as a Viking and there are also programmes for adult groups.

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Viking Connection

Presenting archaeological finds, exhibiting Viking history, reconstructing Viking age buildings, promoting Viking tourism


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Open to the public. Seasonal.


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Reimarsvägen 5, 25950 Rosala, Finland


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Tel: 0+358 402182960


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Purpose of Organisation

Rosala Viking Centre is a privately owned family company established to tell the story of the Viking age in the southwest archipelago of Finland. It aims to continuously renew and the exhibitions and make the Viking past of Finland better known both inside and outside Finland. The Centre actively seeks cooperation with national and international partners.