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Museum Vestsjælland is a local and  regional museum of cultural history covering the geographical region of Holbæk, Kalundborg, Odsherred, Ringsted, Slagelse and Sorø Municipalities in Denmark.

The museum collections cover a range of historical periods from ancient history up to modern day. Museum Vestsjælland also includes art history with a specific connection to the local region and history.

The museum is responsible for the archaeological excavations and conservation of the region. It also presents exhibitions in eleven different venues and has close cooperation with other local sites.

Museum Vestsjælland prioritises school children's access to and understanding of their history through the delivery of a strong school service.

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Viking Connection

Presenting Vikings in exhibition, School service programme with Viking theme, corporation with the Viking Center at Tissø, presenting Viking History.


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Kalundborg Museum, Adelgade 23, DK- 4400 Kalundborg, Denmark


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Tel: 0045 59 43 23 53


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Purpose of Organisation

During the Viking Age and throughout the medieval period, Vestsjælland (West Zealand) was a major centre of power in Europe.

Maritime history, the history of trade, agricultural and industry, the history of education, the arts and craftsmanship of ancient times to present day —all this and more can be experienced at Museum Vestsjælland.

The museum is a cultural knowledge centre for the area's 285,000 inhabitants, telling local stories as well as the greater events in Danish history.