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Fotevikens Museum is a Swedish archaeological open air museum that conveys how life might have been in a town during the late Viking Age - early Middle Ages. As well as traditional exhibitions the museum has a reconstructed Viking town with 23 buildings of different kinds, and a reconstructed Viking ship based on an archaeological find made in the Bay of Foteviken.

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The week following Midsummer the museum arranges the annual Foteviken Viking Market, an international fair that draws hundreds of merchants, craftsmen and Viking warriors from across Europe, and thousands of regular visitors.

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Explore the legacy of the Vikings in the JORVIK Artefact Gallery (5).jpg




Viking Connection

Fotevikens Museum is a reconstructed Viking town and has a reconstructed Viking ship based on an archaeological find made in the Bay of Foteviken. The Viking Reserve of Foteviken is created in order to illustrate how a settlement might have looked like during the late Viking Age and early Middle age. 

The Battle of Fotevik took place on June 4th in 1134 AD.

Viking tourism: An extensive program is performed every year towards a national and international target group. One of the highlights is the Viking Market with ”The Battle of Fotevik”.


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Open May - September


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Fotevikens Museum , Museivägen 27, 236 91 Höllviken, Sweden


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Bringing history to life and conveying our cultural heritage to a wide audience. Experimental archeology and living history are the main focus.