Venue Overview

Reconstructed longhouse, smithy, boathouse and Viking ships.

Outside area with activities (axe throwing, bow and arrow etc)

Museum exhibitions with audio-visual introductions, movie theatre, archaeological exhibition, café and museum shop.

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Viking Connection

The worlds largest Viking longhouse, found and reconstructed at Borg in Lofoten, Norway. Home to one of mightiest Viking Chieftains in Northern Norway. 

Archaeological exhibitions. Viking feasts and meals, Viking ship sailing, and other activities.


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Open to the public all year round



Lofotr Vikingmuseum, Prestegårdsveien 59, 8360 Bøstad, Norway


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Purpose of Organisation

To promote responsible travel with a focus on history, sagas and culture of Iceland, and enable visitors to find information about museums, historical sites and activities connected to the sagas and Icelandic history.

By strengthening the physical and online presence of its partners, the Association helps establish a critical mass of visitors, that will enable the partners to undertake more activities to promote Icelandic Sagas and heritage.