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Avaldsnes is the site of the first Royal Seat of Norway. At its centre is the Nordvegen History Centre where King Harald is your guide through history and lets you meet some of the chieftains and kings who lived at Avaldsnes both before and after his time.

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The Viking Farm has reconstructed buildings from several places in the county of Rogaland showing how ordinary Viking farmers lived their lives. It is the site of a Viking Festival each year in June.

St Olaf’s church was built by King Håkon Håkonsson around 1250.  Norway’s highest standing stone, Virgin Mary’s Sewing Needle, leans against the church wall.

Ruins of a Medieval Royal manor. Excavations in 2017 show that this was the main building of the royal manor complex.


Viking Connection

Avaldsnes’ role as a royal seat was due to the strategic location by the strait Karmsundet – The North Way.  The first kings at Avaldsnes were all sea-kings who controlled the shipping traffic along the Norwegian coast.

Royal Seat for Viking kings throughout the Viking Age. Among these are Harald Fairhair, Haakon the Good, Eric Boodaxe, Olav Tryggvason and St. Olav.

Archaeological excavations have revealed traces of buildings from the Viking Age.

There are two Viking ship burials; Grønhaug and Storhaug.


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Nordvegen History Centre Kong Augvalds vg. 103, 4262 Avaldsnes, Norway


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Purpose of Organisation

To promote the story of Avaldsnes as a centre of power through 3000 years and a royal seat for more than 1000 years.

1.    Develop a cultural heritage centre for research and dissemination:

2.    Acquire new knowledge by initiating research projects.

3.    Preserve the cultural monuments and the historical landscape

4.    Conduct information through media, historical seminars, publications etc